Mercury Meteor 1962 2DR

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1962 Mercury Meteor S33 (part 1 of 2)
1962 Mercury Meteor S33 Top level Meteor Model (S33) 2-Door Coupe Original Windsor 260 V8 (completely rebuilt last year, almost $7000 cdn spent) Bucket Seats 2 Speed Automatic Original tri-color hub caps

1962 Mercury Meteor 260V8 Startup
Starting up my 1962 Mercury Meteor. Has not been running since 1976. Water pump was completely wore out. Changed that, the coil, points, condenser, cap and rotor. Took a few tries but it fired right up! I am amazed at how well it runs after sitting for over 35 years. Always fun to play with old cars!

Mercury Meteor 2DR

Cherry 1963 Mercury Meteor
Sweet 1963 Mercury Meteor. Little Molly ghost rides the whip. Peep this bomb hooptie.