My new 1989 Firebird Formula 75xxx miles. 305 Tpi

This is my 1989 Firebird Formula. It has the 305 T.P.I Posi, Performance suspension. I has a few plans for her but i just got her and now owe the guy i bought it off of 600 bucks. i paid 2600 for her. Her name is rocket. I plan on getting a 58mm bbk throttle bodie full length headers. 23* heads. air intake. then i will start the big stuff

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1989 firebird formula
This is my 89 formula,305 tbi, its original color was baby blue but it was totaled and is in the processes of restoring, the color is red jewel effect , its a color used on 2011 Corvette z06 I believe. The only performance upgrades it has are catback exaughst, electric fans,and 3.73 rear end.

1989 Firebird Formula 5 speed TPI BURNOUT
305 lb9 t5 wc and a 3.45 borg and warner posi all stock

'89 firebird formula 350 open exhaust
as it says in the vid. '89 formy, 350 tpi. chopped pipes. It's actually two clips put together, thats why the in-cab sounds quieter. a whole LOT quieter.

87 Pontiac Firebird Burnout 305 V8 5.0 Liter
Doing a burnout dont mind the first try