2012 Lexus ISF Standing half mile

Lexus ISF half mile run. This run was the highest trap on a bone stock ISF at 133mph driven by my brother.

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BMW E46 M3 vs Lexus IS350
M3 vs IS350. M3 has k&n filter and meistershaft Exhaust. The IS350 is stock with a hole cut in the intake resonator.

Lexus IS350 vs BMW 335i
Lexus IS350 vs 335i. The IS350 has intake and Exhaust. The 335i just has intake.

Half Mile Race- Puerto Rico
Brought to You by: Sneaky Club www.faceboo.com/osvaldofriger This is the third Half a Mile Race in Puerto Rico, this time we took over the Aguadilla Airport. The Best Exotic Cars of the Island Gather to Race, and Prove what car, driver and equipment can over take the competition. THe GTR Alpha10 with over 900hp took the W and ran 179.99 in the half mile, with no problem. But the Competition was Intense. An I was happier than a fat hungry kid in a candy store! Directed By: Osvaldo Friger Camera: Jayson Rivera, Ricky Soto & Carlos Madera MTC-R Production

Lexus IS-F 280 km/h flat out acceleration
Lexus IS-F 0-280 km/h flat out