My Brothers 1986 Firebird

In this video his car has a 302 bored out to a 350 I think, 2.5" dual Exhaust with Cherry Bomb glass packs, not much else done to it. Since then he has dropped a 350 w/ new 5 or 6 speed tranny, headers and awaiting a new radiator, old one can't support the current engine.

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1986 Firebird with LT1 / TH 350 swap
tour of my 1986 firebird with LT1 swap.

My new 91 Pontiac Firebird
Just a little walkaround of my new car. It is a 1991 Pontiac firebird 3.1l v6. No rust clean interior no dents $700 steal!

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Quick drive in my 1986 Firebird
A quick drive in my bird, listening to my favorite song while i do that