Super Gas qualifying including Bryan Gillespie's Crash New England Dragway

Round 1 Qualifying of the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Race at New England Dragway, Friday July 22, 2011.

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Hot Rod Reunion at New England Dragway Sat. 9-14-13
Sorry, didn't stay for the cackelfest. Had to leave. What a fantastic show and drags. One of the best I've seen.

Top Sportsman LODRS New England Dragway 2014
Round 2 Qualifying from the Lucas Oil Division Racing Series at New England Dragway, Friday June 18, 2014.

2011 NHRA AAA Auto Club Finals Super Gas 1st Round
Entire 1st Round of Eliminations

1986 - Rocket car hero Sammy Miller`s run and crash at the Hockenheimring
1986. It was a bad beginning for drag racing in Hockenheim. Several cars crashed into the wall in the curve, because the run-off area for the powerfull 200mph + racecars was to short. Hockenheim was made for Formula 1 races. The same night, german sports TV ARD presented him and his car (Vanishing Point) to the german public and talked about dragracing the first time. But they never showed the right side of the car or talked about the accident. Watch the dammage at 3:20. In the same event, english Nitro FC racer Tony Boden died. Clip made from one of my old VHS casettes.