132156 / 1970 Chevelle SS

For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/83mtpgn This one's going to be awfully hard to top, Chevy fans. A 100% matching numbers LS5 with a 4-speed, in Tuxedo Black with a black interior, fully documented with GM Broadcast Sheets. The term "investment grade" was invented for cars like this. When you see the auctions on TV, this is the kind of car they're talking about when they mention provenance. Add in a top-flight restoration by RK Motors Charlotte that has resulted in a Chevelle that is competitive on any show field in the world, and you have an awful lot of car for your money. At the asking price, you're getting the restoration at cost and the car for free. Stunning, fast, with no questions, THIS is the Chevelle to own if you're a serious Chevy collector looking for that missing piece. Call today!

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132371 / 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/d6seoqf With just over 1600 miles since a comprehensive frame-off restoration, you know this car is nice. We have photos of the restoration showing it on the rotisserie being finished top and bottom, and yes, it's every bit as nice as it looks in photos. Black Cherry is one of those colors that seems to bring out the best aspects of the Chevelle's shape, from the crease that runs from front to back, to the slightly flared fender openings, to the pointed trunk lid—everything is on display. Fortunately, the workmanship was excellent, and this is a tight-fitting car that seals up properly and doesn't squeak and rattle itself to pieces as you head down the road. Adding white SS stripes delivers the perfect contrast, reminding you that there's a lot of horsepower underneath. Fully rebuilt and beautifully detailed, the LS5 big block runs like a watch with great highway manners and a lopey idle. The engine looks fantastic in the satin black engine bay, glowing in its fresh Chevy Orange paint and showing off with a set of bright chrome valve covers. The restorer obviously invested a lot of effort in correct finishes and colors, and the result is an engine bay that looks better than new in every way. Power steering and brakes are part of the LS5's option list, too, making this car a pleasure to drive anywhere, anytime. With a TH400 3-speed automatic and a 12-bolt Posi with 3.31 gears, it's a superlative cruiser. The entire chassis was stripped and refinished from bare steel, and correct colors and materials have been used wherever possible. A new dual Exhaust system with a pair of performance mufflers gives it an incredible sound and terminates in a pair of chrome tips under the rear bumper. Rolling stock is composed of lovely 17-inch polished Torque Thrust wheels wearing performance radials. The white is dazzling when you open the door, but once your eyes adjust, you'll find a luxury-laden driver's compartment that belies the thumping big block under the hood. We've already mentioned the factory A/C that has been upgraded to modern specs, but look closer and you'll see things like a center console with that oh-so-cool horseshoe shifter, power windows, power locks, and a tilt steering column. A correct round-face gauge cluster includes a tachometer and a clock, and the markings are so crisp that I think the gauges look better than new. Everything is fresh and professionally fitted, and the trunk is finished with a new mat, full-sized spare tire and jack assembly. If you love the 1970 Chevelle but are maybe looking for something that isn't just like everyone else's, this is the car for you. Only the wheels, tires, and springs have been changed, but it transforms the entire car's appearance, and when parked next to a stock Chevelle this is the one that draws people's eyes. With stunning execution, an incredible paint job, and that eye-popping interior, I'd hate to be the guy forced to park next to this Black Cherry coupe at the next cruise night. And with tons of options, it's a comfortable cruiser that is a pleasure to drive, yet has enough power to dispatch all but the hairiest of competitors. I don't know about you, but I think I've just found a new favorite Chevelle. Call today!

132858 / 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/79833ck If you're looking for a fully sorted muscle car which is dressed to kill, and ready to eat the lunch of any brazen stoplight challenger or smug show field contestant, this 1970 Chevelle SS is the deal of the century! Born at GM's Atlanta, Georgia assembly plant in December of 1969, this rare 1970 Chevelle Super Sport was ordered by James Watkins of London Kentucky and sold by White Chevrolet-Pontiac of Manchester, Kentucky. During the next 40 years, the car would pass through the hands of only two owners. And since those owners made impeccable maintenance a top priority, just one new set of seals and one repaint is all the car needed to keep a showroom fresh appearance. Today, it's a highly desirable show piece which wears all original rust-free sheetmetal and displays completely factory accurate panel gaps under brilliant GM code 55 Champagne Gold urethane and correct black D88 hood and decklid stripes. Lift the car's correct ZL2 cowl induction hood and you'll find an original 396 cubic inch L34 V8 which turns stout 10.25 to 1 compression into 350 horsepower and 415 lb./ft. of gravel hurling torque! Displaying a correct 3969854 casting number, a November (K) 10th (10) of 1969 (9) casting date, a correct 10A115473 partial VIN and a correct "CTX" suffix stamp, this legendary Chevrolet engine utilizes oval-port closed chamber heads, a forged steel crankshaft, and hydraulic lifters to own almost any stoplight race it competes in. At the top of the motor, a correctly decaled air cleaner feeds a reliable Quadrajet carburetor which is connected to fresh stainless steel fuel lines. Below that carburetor, a sea of brilliant Chevy Orange paint covers the block from its intake manifold to its oil pan, and correct chrome valve covers hang above restored cast iron Exhaust manifolds. At the back of the engine, a correct points distributor sends fire through eight Packard TV R Suppression wires; and at the front of the engine, a reproduction Delco Energizer battery sits next to a correct radiator and correct fan shroud. Behind the stout big block, the cars original M21 close ratio 4-speed transmission, which wears a 3925661 (1970) casting number and a P0S07B date stamp that decodes as a Muncie (P) M21 (B) built on November (S) 7th (07) of 1970 (0), sends power to a 12 bolt Posi-traction rear end with correct, easy driving 3.31 gears. Holding that killer drivetrain off the ground is a correct option F41 double A-arm front and four link rear suspension that is equipped with power steering, correct sway bars, correct coil springs and correct gray spiral shocks. At the corners, correctly painted Super Sport wheels wear appropriate F70-14 Goodyear Polyglas tires which look good and perform great. Pop open this Chevelles sculpted doors and you'll find a correct GM code 771 Saddle interior which is, for the most part, exactly how it rolled out of the factory. Original Strato bucket seats and original front and rear door panels mix with an original brown headliner and fresh brown carpet to provide interesting contrast to the cars Champagne Gold exterior paint. At the sides of that headliner, correct black shoulder belts are tucked into their clips; and between the seats, correct black lap belts are clipped to the sides of an original Saddle console which houses a pristine chrome Hurst shifter. The door panels feature correct stainless trim and look surprisingly good together given their age; and neither the front nor the rear seats show any signs of a rip, tear or stretching. Inside the straight and original black and brown dash, crystal clear gauges sit above an original AM radio and fresh stainless trim. And from its correct black steering wheel and steering column to its original Astro Ventilation kick panels and original Saddle package tray, this interior is still top notch even after 41 years on the street. If you're looking for a killer Chevelle to cruise to local shows and throw your weight around with on the street, this is YOUR car! Call, click or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com for more information on this awesome car!

132864 / 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport LS6
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/82peg9k Recently frame-off restored to better-than-new condition, this 1970 Chevelle SS 454 is a fully documented, real deal LS6 car that backs a numbers matching big block with a correct M22 'rock crusher' transmission, and wraps it all in a highly desirable blue on blue color combination. Assembled in Kansas City, Missouri and shipped to Auran Chevrolet in Minot, North Dakota, this real deal LS6 Chevelle recently benefitted from a high quality frame-off restoration during which no expense was spared to create a top notch show car. When the body was fully prepped and arrow straight, its panels were bathed in correct GM code 28 Fathom Blue and detailed with correct white rally stripes. After the clearcoat was given sufficient drying time, the entire car was laboriously color sanded and buffed until it presented a ripple-free finish which is as smooth as glass. Power comes from the cars original, numbers matching 454 cubic inch LS6 V8 which was underrated from the factory at a very impressive 450 horsepower. Fully restored and ready to hit the show field, the Chevy Orange block wears a correct 3963512 casting number, a March (C) 4th (4) of 1970 (70) date code, a correct CRV (454/4-barrel/M22) suffix stamp and a correct 0K184387 partial VIN. At the top of the engine, a correctly decaled air cleaner filters wind from a functional cowl induction system into a correct Holley carburetor and a correct Winter intake. At the sides of that intake, mirror-like valve covers loom correct Packard TV R Suppression wires between correct factory decals and fully restored Exhaust manifolds. At the back of the engine you'll find a correct points distributor beside a fresh wiper motor and a like-new brake Booster; and at the front of the engine, a correct radiator utilizes reproduction hoses and correct tower clamps to pipe water past a correct smog pump and a correct 37A alternator. Behind the stout big block, a correct M22 'rock crusher' 4-speed, which wears a 3925661 (1970) casting number and a P0B20C date stamp that decodes as a Muncie (P) M22 (C) built on February (B) 20th (20) of 1970 (0), sends power to a 12 bolt Posi-traction rear end with easy driving 3.31 gears. Holding that killer drivetrain off the ground is a completely restored F41 double A-arm front and four link rear suspension that is equipped with a manual steering rack, correct sway bars, correctly tagged coil springs and correct spiral shocks. The power front disc, rear drum brake system has been fully rebuilt from its rotors all the way to its lines; and the cars restored manifolds dump gases into a factory replacement Exhaust system which includes mandrel bent pipes and correct rear mounted resonators. The cars frame, free of any major damage, is painted black to match the cars good looking black floor boards and in keeping with the 454 up top, much attention has been paid to making sure everything is clean and ready to go. At the corners, correctly painted Super Sport wheels wear F70-14 Firestone Wide Oval tires that look right at home in this Chevelles big wheel wells. Take a look inside this Chevelle and you'll find a like-new Medium Blue Metallic interior which feels good and looks great! The front and rear bench seats were rebuilt with fresh foam and new seat covers, show no virtually wear at all, and really stand out above the cars dark blue carpet and fresh rubber floor mats. At the front of the car, a blue topped and black trimmed dash hangs rebuilt gauges above a correct Delco AM radio and a chrome Muncie floor shifter. And at the sides of the car, fade-free blue door panels center pristine stainless trim and new chrome handles around straight and pliable armrests. At the top of the car a tight blue headliner hangs a clear dome light between correct roof mounted shoulder belts. And at the back of the car, a fully restored trunk secures a fresh spare tire and a correct bumper jack between a new decklid decal and a correct mat. If you're looking for a nicely finished show car that sounds great and has plenty of power, here's your chance! Call, click or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com for more information on this awesome car!

132505 / 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/bpedumb With a real deal LS6 454, a close ratio 'rock crusher' transmission and GMs highly desirable black on red color combination, this incredible Chevelle provides you with the exclusive opportunity to own a car that looks, drives and draws a crowd just as well as any numbers matching LS6 Super Sport for about HALF the price. Looking mean and sounding positively evil, this killer black and red Chevelle rolled off GM's Atlanta, Georgia assembly line during the first week of February, 1970 and began life as a simple V8 Malibu sport coupe. For years it soldiered on with a not-so-appealing shade of gold exterior paint and a tepid saddle interior until we decided to spice things up a bit. This Chevelle then received a top notch build as an LS6 tribute to better than new condition, and it looks like a million bucks from every angle! A slick coat of GM code 19 Tuxedo Black paint was applied along with GM code 75 Cranberry Red SS stripes and buffed to a mirror-like shine. Upon completion, the reborn Chevelle SS was shipped directly to our RK Motors showroom where the stares haven't stopped and the jaws continue to drop. In addition to this cars freshly rebuilt real deal LS6 replacement block and heads, the engine bay has been detailed to a very high level and would fool all but the most enlightened Chevelle fans at any show. Slide the hood pins out and you'll find a correctly functioning cowl induction system attached to a completely finished hood. Below the correctly decaled satin black air cleaner, a Holley four barrel carburetor sits on a correct Winter aluminum intake. At the back of the intake, a correct points distributor sends spark through new AC Delco wires across a new set of factory correct chrome valve covers and correct reproduction Exhaust manifolds. Inside the freshly painted Chevrolet Orange engine block, KB hypereutectic pistons, a Comp Nostalgia Plus cam and Clevite bearings ensure that the spark leads to big compression. New GM hoses with appropriate tower clamps connect the engine to the radiator, and new V-belts complement a slew of correct accessories which include a Delco branded brake Booster, a correct radiator with the appropriate warning decal on its upper support, a correct coolant overflow tank and a reproduction Delco battery. Underneath the car, you'll find a factory fresh chassis and floorpans that have been restored to the absolute highest standards. A top notch M22 Muncie 'rock crusher' 4-speed transmission sends power to an era correct 12 bolt Posi-Traction rear end with pavement pounding 4.10 gears. Bolted to that chassis is a factory correct suspension that was fully rebuilt during the restoration and houses correct front power disc and rear drum brakes. Inside that suspension, a like-new driveshaft spins a correctly tagged differential, and Exhaust is handled by a mandrel bent aluminized system which runs from the cars correct gray manifolds to great sounding Flowmaster dual chamber mufflers. Connecting this awesome Chevelle to the pavement is four new 235/60 Cooper Cobra radials that are mounted around 14 inch Super Sport rally wheels, pristine stainless trim rings and authentic SS center caps. Check out the new interior! The worn out saddle cockpit panels were completely replaced with a new red vinyl and the solid floors were covered with new black carpets and "Chevelle" stitched floor mats. The new red seats provide an excellent contrast against the black exterior paint and, along with new red door panels feature show worthy stainless trim and factory fresh chrome handles. Overhead, factory correct seat belts are tucked into their clips below a tight-fitting red headliner, and beside the seats, a pristine red console houses a traditional chrome Hurst shifter inside of excellent finned trim. In front of the driver, a straight, red dash houses a new black instrument panel with crystal clear gauges above a factory correct AM radio and chrome trimmed vents for the cars heater/defroster. In front of that dash, a tilt steering column holds an excellent looking reproduction GM rally wheel above great looking chrome trimmed foot pedals. If you're in the market for a spectacular Chevelle SS to throw your weight around with on the street and at the shows, this is your car!