Boosted INC: Purple Monster VS Boost Boys Racing, Etown Showdown 09' 11.32@130

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BOOSTED INC: The Purple Monster 2013 First Start up!
Original video was about 25 minutes long. skip to 1:45ish to where it fires off.

chris's video of destruction
A man and his dsm and the hell they go through. Car runs on e85, turbo is a fp3052, 9:1 c/r, bc 280 cams, shep dogbox transmission, 4 bolt rear, stock transfercase, stock front alxes, driveshaft shop rear axles.

Gadget (Small Time Racing ) V.S Candy Cane (901 Bad Boyz) Trick or treat Grudge fest-Oct-26-2013
Trick or treat Grudge fest-Oct-26-2013

Nasty Boyz Racing Gigantor vs Hood Rat
Gigantor takes over Alabama