Turbo Charged SVT Focus Breaks Loose In 4th Gear

http://www.dj-sures.com This is part of a longer video of my car. I slowed down the launch to show the 4 gear burnout. Please enjoy! :)

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Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker robot. The force is with me!
Teaching this old toy new tricks by converting it into a robot. Added the EZ-B v4 robot controller, a bunch of servos and a lot of hot glue! He's coming along nicely.

Oculus Rift Robot
Use your Oculus Rift with an EZ-Robot. Download the plugin for EZ-Builder from www.ez-robot.com.

Available here: http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/ RoboScratch introduces a new approach to learning to program robots without even using the keyboard!

Apple Watch Robot Control
The new EZ-Robot iOS app can control all ezrobot's from your Apple Watch! Even customize the buttons on the watch to perform your own actions.