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Police Pursuit -EVO X police chasing Nissan
Police Evolution X VS Nissan ( hot pursuit ) Scene from the movie -NEW Video Lancer Evo IX vs Mirage -

Lamborghini Huracan Police Car Chases Superleggera - It's Back!
The Making of - How's this for a flash back Friday post? A year ago today I posted this video and took it down 3 days later due to international politics (which I'm not going to get into right now but all is good now :)) After MANY of you wrote me over the past year asking me to re upload the video I decided to wait for the anniversary of it and put together a behind the scenes video to show you how it was done. I hope you all enjoy watching it again. :) BTS coming soon! WARNING! The following video is fictitious, portions are sped up for effect. The makers of this video DO NOT condone evading police or speeding. This video was shot under the supervision of professionals and local authorities. Also, there must be nothing implied by the exchanging of a business card in the avoidance of a citation. Enjoy!

GTA IV - In Pursuit! [Nissan GT-R vs Lamborghini Aventador]
Nissan GT-R Cop vs Lamborghini Aventador Available in 1080p HD Nissan GT-R Police: 7&orderBy=&vid=1 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4: -f14123 EPM v1.3 iCEnhancer 2.1 Graphics mod: Player 1 Vuck0100(me) Player 2 lazarsmiljanic1996

Check this out! This is an amazing! Abu Dhabi is a great city with great system of police and with amazing cars like Nissan GTR. If you like it share it and please subscribe! Enjoy)