1959 GMC Cabover 6-71 detroit

The was the first time this truck ha run since the 80's as far as i can tell!!

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A Second Look Under The Hood Of The 1947 GMC 6-71 Powered Diesel Truck (Passengers Side)
Here is another short clip showing the GM diesel in this '47 GMC. I don't know much about this truck or it's engine. Obviously it is an in-line six and it said General Motors on it. I think it might be a Detroit Diesel 6-71. Someone said it was an old PT Boat motor. Shot at the Truckin' For Kids Truck Show at Irwindale,CA. 10-23-10.

1978 GMC Astro For Sale
This is a quick video/overview of my 1978 GMC Astro I have for sale. This truck has been sold as on June 2014 and can be seen at many local truck shows throughout the Massachusetts area.

GMC "Cracker Box" Cabover semi truck.
Saw this unique ol rig at the 2015 Owls Head Truck and Tractor Show and thought it deserved its own videos. Whats not to love? Unique looks and a Detroit 6-71!

GMC Rescue Mission to Montana June 2012
This past summer my dad and I bought two GMC trucks in Montana so we headed out there from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in our 1988 cabover Peterbilt. The round trip was just over 3000 miles and took us about a week to do. The GMC tractor is a 1949 FC303 and the straight truck is a 1948 FC354. They have no paint on them and have no rust.