New All motor honda record 9.18@148

DVS civic sets a new all motor honda record

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Nyce1s - The World's First Ever 9 Second All Motor Street Honda Civic
Here is a look at the world's first ever 9 second fwd Honda Civic All Motor street car. Congrats to the Prayoonto Racing team along with the Driveshaft Shop for this huge accomplishment!! Please keep in mind that during this video the all motor car ran against a turbo charged fwd civic. They were not in competition but merely test passes. This should be known because the DSS civic is all motor with not power adders. Checkout the Driveshaft Shop at !!! Checkout Prayoonto Racing at !! Checkout for more videos !!

Ultimate Racing All Motor Honda CRX Race Car
Introduced in 2000 at the East Coast Battle of the Imports. The new racecar ran a blistering 11.2 seconds @123 mph. It was the Ultimate team's first American debut and we became the fastest true unibody all-motor import on the North American East Coast. Not only were we the fastest all-motor import in Canada, but we subsequently became the third fastest naturally aspirated import in the world at the time!

New All Motor Honda Record
Jake Gavio Record pass, Fastest all motor honda in the country

AAP's Fastest All-Motor
AAP's NEW FASTEST ALL-MOTOR: BLANCHE RACING's CHRISTIAN GO runs at 10.8 seconds with his black Honda EG B20 2.0 liter engine prepared by Jon Sarmiento