Test driving a Ford Model T

Croatian journalist Neven Novak visited the UK a short while back to test drive a couple of Ford heritage vehicles including the Model T. http://Facebook.com/FordofEurope http://twitter.com/FordEu

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Classic Model T heads a unique collection of Fords
Joaquim Costas from Portugal treasures his collection of antique Fords, including a Mustang, Cortina, Escort and his prized possession, a 1915 Model T.

11 Model T Ben Nevis
Video #11 Advent 2011 - Visit http://bit.ly/FordAdvent for more. A Ford Model T may look fragile now compared to modern offerings from the Company, but back in 1911 a Ford agent named Henry Alexander, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, drove to the top of the UK's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, to prove the Model T's ruggedness. The ascent took five days, with the route leading over boulders, through snow-drifts and over perilous loose sand paths. At the top of Ben Nevis, the Model T was met by the world's press before taking less than three hours to descend the mountain, traversing gradients steeper than 1 in 3. The event proved an excellent trial of Ford's chassis and suspension designs. Today, the durability of new products is confirmed through a punishing array of tests by Ford engineers at Dunton Technical Centre, UK - one of Europe's largest automotive R&D centres - and Lommel Proving Ground, Belgium. These ensure that vehicles such as the new Ford Focus are designed to cope with the most demanding road surfaces and climates.

Around the World in a Ford Model T
Driving around the world is no mean feat. Doing it in a 100-year-old Ford Model T car is a staggering challenge. That’s exactly what Dirk and Trudy Regter are attempting. Find out how you can help at: http://www.tfordworldtour.org More Ford Heritage stories here: http://bit.ly/Fordheritage

Ford Model T bus in Slovenia
A 1921 Ford Model T bus has been turning heads in Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana. Owned by Jure Mrzel, the bus is based on a two-seat Model T truck chassis. Jure decided to convert the old-timer into a bus after studying historical material and talking to fellow Model T fanatics. He teamed up with wood technician Janez Smelcer for the project. The two men also fitted the vehicle with a wood gas generator, or gasifier. Popular in the 1930s when fuel was in short supply, the gasifier burns wood to create a gas which powers the engine. The engine can also be powered by petrol. While speeds are far from high top speed is just 20km/h when powered by the gasifier - driving the Model T is a precise art. However, Jure enjoys the challenge as he proudly drives his bus around the streets of Ljubljana