Drift battle ends in crash

A battle between Joacim from DriftMonkey and Lars Jørgen from JapanAuto that ends pretty rough.

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Toyota Carbon Supra Tribute 720p
A little movie I put together for a friend, the owner, as a tribute to an amazing car. Almost totally destroyed in a crash, but now lives again. And you get a bumper-seat =)

Drift Practice Gardemoen 10.04.2010.mp4
Sun, snow and drifting; where else but in Norway? So, there was a little gathering of friends and cars, for some fun, laughter and destruction of tires. This practice event held some high profile names like Kenneth Moen in the Monster 350Z, said to be one of Scandenavias best drifters, and the drift princess in the black 180SX, May-Helene Dahl. This is the first video that I have edited this year, so I'm a bit rusty =) But I hope there will be many more to come! Please comment and hit "Like" if you actually like it! Important: I Do not intend to break any copyright law by using music from different artists. This is purely amature content, and I do not make any money from this. I Only use the music from artists that I like, and own cd's from. All video and pictures in this film was taken by myself, EXCEPT the profile picture of May-Helene Dahl, which was taken by Steffen Skui. Music in order of apperance: Stone Sour - 30/30-150, Therion - O'Fortuna, Portishead - Glorybox and the laughter of Vincent Price from MJ's Thriller! Ond! Ond! HAHAHA! PRODUCTIONS is my name for the stuff i make. Have phun!

Impreza Drivers Club Norway Winter Meet on Frozen Lake
The Norwegian Subaru Impreza club has it's yearly winter meet on a frozen lake in Sigdal! Loads of sideways fourwheel drive fun! I was one of the slower one's out there, as you will see, because of my coil-over lowered car. At each bump my tires made contact with the wheelarches, so I could not go faster than 130km/h on the straight alone in the car. With passanger only 110.. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it, and hope fore some nice comments! Shot with a GoPro HD camera and a Sony HDR-CX520, pictures in the beginning taken by me with a Canon 450d. Music by The Carburetors! Please support the band, and youtube, please support us fans promoting the music we like!

On-Board with Norwegian Drifter Kenneth Groth, REAL Engine Sounds!
Me riding Shotgun with Norwegian drifter Kenneth Groth, who I'm sure someday will be driving in D1. This kid got some serious talent! It was VERY greasy on the new track at Rudskogen, but Kenneth tossed the car sideways and blew a few tires regardless. Please leave a few thumbs and a comment in support of my vids =)