BOSS 525 cubic inch big block Ford engine S197 Mustang

S197 Ford Mustang with custom 525 cubic inch Kaase BOSS big block racing engine Check us out at

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Boss 429 "Tapping the Gas"
This is my 1969 Boss 429, filmed by a friend after leaving a car show... Where it won "BEST FORD"

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Big Block Ford S197 Mustang Dyno
Update: ported the heads, added 2.300 titanium intake valves, car ran a best 9.168 @ 149.95 mph last week at Famoso. Motor only. On a 200 shot the car has gone 8.715 @ 156.19 mph. Car has gone 9.417 @ 142.96 mph @ 3420 lbs. Here are some Dyno runs, just confirming a/f and what timing the engine likes. Motor made 924 hp on the engine Dyno, on this Dyno it made 755 rwhp, which is an 18% drivetrain loss as expected, especially since I kept the slicks on for the Dyno. All motor, no Nitrous yet.