TDC Performance Turbo SC300 Street car

Some random videos I shot of my bud in Mobile at Car is a SC300, 67mm turbo, street car on pump gas and drag radials. This was his first time out to the track and has run a lot faster since.

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Dynosaur Performance Topgun SC300 9.23@163 1/4 mile IFO
Bryan running a 9.23@163 in his SC300 drag car, still has a whole lot left in it.

sc300 turbo over 500hp pump 93
sc300 with a 2jzgte single turbo make over 500hp on 21lb of Boost pump gas. MORE TO COME!!!

HKMediaChicago | Single turbo sc300 - 661rwhp
Chris was very gracious in enabling his time to venture out for a quick shoot on this hot 90 degree day. He just has a new clutch put in his beast so it's a rough start, but we had some fun before, during, and after the shoot. Please visit for full resolution photographs. 'Like' us on facebook if you wish! Thank you for all of your support!