TX2K11 Shenanigans

A night of fun, be sure to watch the entire thing to see all of the cool cars parked on the side if you're into that type of thing. Runs include a turbocharged DC4, Evolution 8, Panamera and a GSX-R 1000. These were taken during the TX2K11 Supra Meet in Houston, TX.

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TX2k11 Unlimited Performance
Here is our compilation from our trip at 2k11. Had a Great time out in Mexico

GT1R R35 (1300hp) vs Dallas Performance TTG (1800hp) - Dallas vs OKC 2016
A friendly match from rival states meeting in Mexico for some fun. This race features a T1 Race Development R35 GTR making about 1300hp versus a Dallas Performance twin turbo Gallardo on his 1800hp tune (2200hp capable). Enjoy the show!

TX2K16 - V8EATR vs Big Nasty
From TX2K16, the Super Bowl of Street Racing, comes this racing film featuring a Mitsubishi Evolution vs. a Corvette Z06, both with massive turbos making in excess of 1000hp. Subscribe to see more footage of racing from events throughout, especially from Aguascalientes, Mexico.