Datsun 240z smokes turbo Civic drag racing

My 1973 Datsun 240z running at the RaceLegal 1/8 mile drags at Qualcomm stadium. Experimental build high compression L28 engine running modified SU carbs. Consistently ran 8.8 ET passes at about 80mph trap. Very limited traction on street tires. 10/08/10

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Datsun 240z vs Nissan GTR
This is a homebuilt twin turbo " blow through " system on a 409 cubic inch Chevy small block engine in a 72 Datsun 240 z. The car is Street Legal due to emission excemptions and is used for cruising, car shows, and drag racing. It is a Sleeper since it uses a full Exhaust system and mufflers.

240Z vs Supra Turbo
Tavo ganandole al supra en Cd. Morelos ZCCM

Datsun 240Z 11.56@200km/h
Pudasjärvi 11.9-10 Voiman lähteenä vanha maamoottori L28

Buick Grand National Motor in a Datsun 240Z, Drag Racing
1971 240Z with Buick Grand National Motor. First times down the track...2 races at Rocky Mtn Raceway and 3 at Las Vegas Speedway