Man Crashes $350k Lamborghini Immediately After Winning It

David Dopp, a Utah truck driver, won a $350k Lamborghini from a local supermarket contest, immediately peeled out on some black ice, and wrecked it. Now, it's going to be tough to sell, and he may end up owing over 100 thousand dollars in taxes. Moral: Never enter contests.

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Guy Crashes His Lamborghini Huracan Going 200 MPH
Driving at 200mph on a public road isn't a good idea. Really, it just isn't. Even if you're driving a Lamborghini Huracan. Track, runway, drag strip - yep, do your worst. But not on real roads, with real traffic and real squishy humans in the vicinity. It's going to end badly. For proof, pray watch this rather chilling on-board footage of the build-up to, and onset of, a truly massive off on a Hungarian highway. The crash actually occurred back in September of last year, but now Hungarian police have released footage of the incident, taken by the passenger in the Czech Republic-registered Huracan. It conveniently shows the driver of the lumino-green Huracan accelerating up past indicated speeds of 330kph (205mph) while overtaking on Hungary's not-exactly-deserted M7 highway. And then... well, you'll have to watch the video for yourself, but suffice to note it ends with a couple of photos of the aftermath, and they ain't pretty. Though, thankfully, there were no fatalities, we're told the mobile-wielding passenger suffered serious injuries in the crash, and that the 36-year-old driver faces charges of reckless driving and endangerment. The Lambo, needless to say, was a write-off. Stay up to date on new videos posted by following my twitter. Twitter:

Meanwhile, in Florida: Hash Browns Rage, Febreze Fury, and a Really Bad Date
Meanwhile, in Florida...It's Christmas time! And all through the houses, crazy is stirring, and biting at louses. Behold the holiday magic of Floridian hash browns rage, Febreze fury and one really skanky date gone awry. After all, what is light without daaaaaaaaaaark?

Japan Developing Butt-Recognition Technology
Japanese auto technicians are busy trying to perfect a marvelous new car seat that will deter thieves using the magic of ass-recognition technology. The car seat will measure your unique butt pressure, approve your booty's authenticity, and subsequently allow you to start the car. With 98% accuracy! This is awesome, until you want your car valet parked.

KSI Lamborghini gets wrapped Part 1
JJ also known as KSI or ksiolajidebt is one of Youtube's biggest stars with over 8 million subscribers, KSI has a huge online fan base. As well as KSI producing crazy videos, his taste in cars seems to match! KSI brought in his Lamborghini Aventador (LP700) in to the Yiannimize unit to get a complete makeover, from a custom sound system, led lights to a full on chrome purple wrap with tron lines! BEAST! As KSI would say! Enjoy & don't forget to subscribe for more videos from the Yiannimize HQ coming real soon! Thanks to KSI for being a pleasure to deal with. Video made by Has: Instagram: @has_automotive twitter: @supercarsldn Yiannimize twitter & Instagram: @yiannimize Music By :Barrie Gledden, Ed Collins, Peter Shand-Smooth Talk straight home from school - rush merchant III - creation