Peakboost GSR dyno

100% Stock GSR motor with 143k miles PeakBoost turbo Kit 57 Trim turbo 650cc RC injector 3" Downpipe 3" Thermal Research Exhaust Neptune Demon RTP 362whp / 233wtq at 8 psi creeping to 11.5

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Turbo SSBP GSR 10 psi Done Right :)
This is a compilation video of my integra and how far it's come. Nothing crazy but it's a fun car ;)

stock gsr turbo 6262 e85
11.6 @ 119

Engines blow up on Dyno -||-COMPILATION-||- (engines, tires, headgaskets, turbos)
The ultimate compilation of engines, tires, turbos, headgaskets and more, blowing up on the Dyno! Lot's of sports cars (Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi and more) fail on the Dyno and here are some awesome exmples!

gsr turbo vs ls-vtec turbo
ntense @ cmi winter warm up 1/9/11. David's gsr turbo (best @ 12.177) vs Gabe's ls-vtech turbo (best @11.6) ------------The Car 2 yrs after (2012)-------------