My 1985 Silverado exhaust clip. Please comment

My 85 shortbed chevy, this thing is my baby its got alot of goodies, 350 bored 30 over 3 speed 350 turbo tranny with stall and alot more, this is just a quick Exhaust clip it has hooker longtube headers 2inch inlet pipe into 20" Cherry bomb glasspacks, and 2 1/4 outlet into 3 1/2 " echo tips, Please comment!

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My 1979 Chevrolet pickup. It's got some rust spots in it, but it's in pretty decent shape. The end of the clip is the best. The Exhaust setup is this: stock manifolds, glass pack type mufflers, and stainless steel Exhaust tips. I believe it has the 350/400 engine/tranny combo.