Crapi Tunnel

Me testing the acoustics of my Ford Capri while on European road trip to a rally in the Netherlands. If you like this or any other of my stuff please vote and comment also you can see and hear my stuff and me at these places:

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Greece: A2(Egnatia Odos) Ioannina - Thessaloniki ~ PART 1 (Ioannina - Kozani)
Recorded on 14/08/2011. A ride on the Greek Egnatia Odos(A2), a motorway full of tunnelss and viaducts. The video starts from road 5 near Ioannina, and then continues on A2 heading east. This is the first part of my video what ends at Kozani.

Ford Capri 3.1 Essex X-Pack on the track
Ford Capri 3.1 X-Pack on Brno circuit, 5th Classic Racing Car Meeting, April 14th, 2012. Not a race car, but standard Capri with a few modifications: tuned Essex engine, 4-link + Watts linkage and LSD on the rear, lowered, coilovers and Willwood calipers allround, no brake servo just custom bias pedal box, SD cage, slick rubbers. Unfortunately this video has partially blocked audio track with music due copyright. Fully sounded you can find on:

Hong Kong night drive (Tsing Ma Bridge, Cheung Tsing Tunnel)
This is a view out of the back-seat passenger side window during a early morning drive across the Tsing Ma Bridge, Cheung Tsing Tunnel & West Kowloon Expressway. The first 2 mins features the Tsing Ma Bridge. You can also see the Kwai Chung Container Terminal. The intention was to replicate the view a sleepy back-seat passenger would see looking out the side window, seeing everything whizzing by.

Tunnel Through Mountains During the Day
This is part 2 of the Appalacian Mountain tunnel that runs into Cumberland Gap.