2 2 13 twin turbo 2500 update 2

another update today with the turbos already hung and the front end chopped up to fit the Intercooler.

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2-10-13 twin turbo 2500 making boost
i think you can tell how burned out i am in this video, my brain is shot, i cant even speak haha

12-24-14 turbo 2500 compilation
wanted a video that showed alot of the fun clips from the 2500 all in one place

twin turbo 2014 v6 sierra updates and updates
my buddy troys v6 truck is now twin 50 ish mm turbo'd and ill be wiring the 2ndary injection system sooner than later!

Turboing A Car For $100 In A Day!
We threw together a turbo setup on Charlie's Geo. Not trying to make any extra power just trying to hear cool turbo noises. Sound clips at the end of the video, enjoy :)