2 2 13 twin turbo 2500 update 2

another update today with the turbos already hung and the front end chopped up to fit the Intercooler.

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2-10-13 twin turbo 2500 making boost
i think you can tell how burned out i am in this video, my brain is shot, i cant even speak haha

12-24-14 turbo 2500 compilation
wanted a video that showed alot of the fun clips from the 2500 all in one place

Colorado wind bag blowing hot air rambletron update
lets talk about the Holley, gold box, how i like either one, what are my plans, immediate goals and plans with the truck now and upcoming etc

Colorado 1076whp mthrfrkrs
FUCK, YES, get some of that re used head gaskets, re used head bolts, 4 rods from another motor, rings from some unknown motor, help from VS racing, LJMS and Nitrous outlet for giving me that little nudge, drove her home!