Hyundai Excel/Accent SOHC 12v acceleration

Just a video to show the acceleration of the car, nothing special. Car is a 1997 X3 Hyundai Excel/Accent 3 door hatchback, 12v SOHC G4EK engine. 150,000km (around 95,000mi). All stock except for a 2" Redback Exhaust.

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Hyundai Accent
Just testing my wifes 60hp Hyundai Accent x3. From 0 to top speed

Hyundai Excel/Accent 1.5L 0-100 km/h
Hyundai Excel/accent 1.5L 12v automaat bj 1995

Hyundai accent 1997 beater
gopro hd hero 2

Hyundai 1.5L SOHC engine Autopsy
Oh dear, something unpleasing happened to this engine and some poor bastard paid for a replacement head too!