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Is that RoyalJordanian? Audi R8 racing EVO
After years and years of trying to spot RJ (not really) I finally did it :p Also, on a smaller note, an R8 races an Evolution! :D

Evo X vs Audi R8
Stock suspension Evo X with a tune Vs stock Audi R8 Thompson Speedway Track Night 8-7-17

Ferrari 488 GTB vs McLaren 570S vs Audi R8 V10 Plus: CAR magazine's supercar triple test
Anything Ferrari can do... McLaren does for less cash and Audi does with less flash. This is already a podium, but who stands on top? CAR magazine UK compares three of the most exciting supercars on sale today. Want to stay up to date with CAR's videos? Subscribe here: Get the latest reviews and news from CAR magazine here: CAR is the online edition of CAR magazine, Britain's oldest monthly motoring mag. It's the UK's best and fastest online motoring news service, providing a constant stream of scoops, first drives and official pictures of new cars.

Evo X vs Audi R8 V10