Motorcycle Hits Deer @ 85 mph | Helmet Cam

ANALYSIS & Damage Assessment: ************************************************************************ For more raw videos, like my FB page: ************************************************************************ I hit a buck (had 2+ in. antlers) on my 04 GSXR 1000 on June 28, 2009. I did not crash, but the bike was totaled. It literally jumped right in front of me and I had no time to react! In the analysis (link above), you can see the deer was only on cam for 6 frames which is 6/30 or 1/5 of a sec! Therefore, speed had nothing to do with impact. Factors to consider (in debatable order of importance): 1. Speed: a) at speed limit would only have had .5 sec to react b) going faster *I* would have evaded... could have hit someone else 2. Momentum: a) accelerating out of the corner b) not enough time to let off 3. Angle: Bike was almost all the way leaned over 4. Deer mid-air: a) less resistance b) not high enough to knock me off and kill me instantly 5. Deer impact location: Only hit neck, not body 6. Deer angle: Jumped from -right- side while I was leaning -right- into it 7. Deer weight: a) approx. 100 lbs (45 kg) b) not fully grown buck yet 8. Ride position: Usually hang off bike, but was taking it easy 9. Frame sliders: Protected leg from tearing off 10. Exhaust: OEM (not shorty) prevented carcass from hitting rear wheel 11. Post impact: No car in oncoming lane 12. Wobbles: Violent steering caused front wheel to lift off ground 13. Bars: a) throttle hand came off b) if left hand came off... whiiiskey throttle! 14. Corner: Caught bars and dropped front just in time to turn, avoiding woods 15. Full gear: Deer brushed knee- no injury 16. Camera angle: a) cam tilted too low b) if normal, impact wouldn't be visible 17. Rider behind: a) avoided spinning deer in approx 1 second b) didn't swerve 18. # of riders: 10 approx 1-10 secs ahead and 5 approx 1-10 secs behind 19. Following distance: Deer jumped in between 2 riders 20. TIME UNPREDICTABLE: a) time the deer jumped b) time i was there that day I rode the bike for another 45 mins until I had to shut it off to prevent engine damage because the radiator was busted. I survived without a scratch. The deer was still in mid air as it's neck/shoulder was sliced by my right fork and brake rotor. Then it busted my frame slider all the way back, brushed my knee (leaving fur in the velcro), and flung off the Exhaust, when it made like a top and spun to the other side of the road, leaving a blood trail over 50 ft. The 2 lines of blood keep intersecting, which show how much the deer spun. Lastly, I want to mention that my right is a wide open field. There's 1/4 mile before woods. Deer heard us coming at least 10-20 secs before the first rider passed. If it did not hear us coming from miles away, then it had to have seen the other bikes go by. It tried to go between us... This stray deer ignored all instincts! Freak accident and nothing else! If you think slower speed would have avoided impact, then watch the analysis. If I was going faster, I would have avoided it entirely and the guy behind me could have hit it too. Am I lucky I didn't die or am I unlucky this shit happened? Many things in life cannot be cancer. If you try to figure out why it happened, you'll never get anywhere. Don't ask why, don't let it affect your outlook on life, just try to keep calm and carry on!

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