Jeep grand cherokee w/ Flowmaster 50 Suv Series & Airaid cold air intake

Engine sound from my 06 Jeep grand cheroke 3.7L with Flowmaster 50 SUV series, Airaid cold air intake. Other modifications - Low temperature thermostat, NGK Iridium IX spark plugs.

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Jeep WK V6 with Flowmaster 50 sound
Testing out my Gopro in my tuned 06 Jeep WK 3.7L - Flowmaster 50 SUV series Exhaust, Airaid cold air intake, Iridium spark plugs, low temperature thermostat, Hypertech 87 octane tune, modified intake snorkel(removed baffle and drilled holes), XS Power deep cycle starting battery for the subwoofers and amplifier**Spark plugs were worn out(2/.050, 4/.045) after 60k miles in this video - I thought there was a problem with the tune. It pulls hard now with new Iridiums gapped at .035 - skip to 2:30 for a semi 0-60. I've beaten plenty of cars with this setup, including a 2014 Genesis coupe 2.0 turbo charged even with bad plugs. It wasn't pulling like it should here in the clip, something was wrong...either the TPS or the computer were fucking up or the pcv valve was not the right one......lost this the WK2 now

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Flowmaster Super 44 Exhaust
Installed a Flowmaster Super 44 with 3' Inlet/Outlet. This Exhaust is great, has a rich tone with no kackles. Drone sets in around 2,000-2,500 RPM, My video doesn't give the sound justice. The sheer Bass of the Drone is awesome. Sorry the last video has a lot of wind coming through. Ill try to get some higher quality videos soon. This video is aimed to all you Jeep guys looking to install Exhaust. I have gained MPG's and the throttle response has also improved.

Unmarked, Storm Trooped and Modded 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Tour, start up, and revs of a modded up 06 Jeep Featuring: -HIDs -LED tails -Sound system -Flowmaster Exhaust -Strobes -Remote Start -Plasti-dipped trim

How To: Install K&N 57 1545 Air Intake for 2005-2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK - GetJeeping
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