Coke ZERO Dodge Viper SRT10 in SHIFT

For more info on how to unlock the Coke Zero Dodge Viper, click here: Need for Speed and Coke Zero® are extremely happy to offer you two very cool rewards. By visiting you can get $10 off Need for Speed SHIFT or receive a code that will unlock the Coke Zero Dodge Viper SRT10. In fact, you can do both. This new Viper is only available as an unlockable car in SHIFT and can be driven in quick race and online modes and trust us when we say youll want to use it in both. Frequently. Lets be clear, the Coke ZERO SRT10 isnt simply a re-skin though the new livery is beautiful the performance in this new ride is markedly better than the stock SRT10. We took the Vipers stock 8.4-liter (510 cubic-inch) V10 and bored it out significantly to produce 680 horsepower, an increase of more than 11 percent on the stock SRT10. Torque is also improved, ramping up to an almost-unbelievable 949 lb/ft of raw American power. As a fifth-tier car, the Coke ZERO SRT10 also has improved breaking, handling, acceleration and a higher top speed than the stock SRT10, making it a formidable foe on the track. ESRB Rating: EVERYONE with MILD VIOLENCE, MILD SUGGESTIVE THEMES

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