Bmw m535i turbo, 570whp @ 1.7bar

m106 turbomotor, autronic holser hx55 osv.. I slutet kastade nog topplockspackningen in!

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Bmw m535 turbo 0-300 km/h
Bmw m535 0-300km/h, m50 2,8L, 280gr kammar, s50 spjällhus, autronic sm4, 6vxl m3 växellåda

BMW E28 M535i Turbo Dynorun 464HP 682NM
Tuning the BMW M535i turbo on the Dyno @ Mosselman turbo Systems. Final run 464HP and 682NM (502ft-lbs) @ 1.2 bar on euro98 pump fuel. Not the final run on the video but gives nice idea. Lots of wheelspin due to the shitty wheater. M30B34 engine with M106 pistons and piston oil cooling jets. Stock internals, only ARP headstuds and double diafragm clutch. Stock head gasket. Running on Megasquirt MS3x standalone engine management, tuned by me.

BMW E28 525i 24V Turbo
BMW E28 525i 24V turbo mapped by SRP 470Nm & 383 HP @ 1,2 bar (342RWHP)

E28 turbo
m50b28 1,5bar