Bmw m535i turbo, 570whp @ 1.7bar

m106 turbomotor, autronic holser hx55 osv.. I slutet kastade nog topplockspackningen in!

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Moggah's Bmw M5 Turbo 913whp
S38B36 turbo 913Whp /1088nm

'88 BMW 535i Drifting
Finally gave a try at drifting those highway entrace/exit. It is a stock 1988 BMW 535i with no lsd. Thanks to nostrap on for letting me use his song "In a Trance".

E28 turbo
m50b28 1,5bar

BMW E28 525i 24V Turbo
BMW E28 525i 24V turbo mapped by SRP 470Nm & 383 HP @ 1,2 bar (342RWHP)