Astra Gsi with Saab turbo engine, 2nd start up!

2nd start up off my astra GSi fitted with a Saab B204L engine! Exhaust not connected up, hence its loud!

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Swap GSi 8v @ Saab turbo
Swap GSi 8v @ Saab turbo

mk3 astra with saab 900 turbo engine in
finaly got my saab engine running today in my astra ... sorry for the crap sound but m it was on my fone and the mic is crap

My Astra GSi with a Saab B204L turbo engine standard map 193bhp and 248 torgues!

Matadero sport swap saab Turbo b204L Astra GSI
Proyecto de Swap de Saab turbo b204L a Opel Astra GSI