Astra Gsi with Saab turbo engine, 2nd start up!

2nd start up off my astra GSi fitted with a Saab B204L engine! Exhaust not connected up, hence its loud!

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My Astra GSi with a Saab B204L turbo engine standard map 193bhp and 248 torgues!

mk3 astra with saab 900 turbo engine in
finaly got my saab engine running today in my astra ... sorry for the crap sound but m it was on my fone and the mic is crap

Swap GSi 8v @ Saab turbo
Swap GSi 8v @ Saab turbo

Saab Two Stroke Engine Hybrid Crankshaft (50/50) Vintage 3 cylinder
Want to gain up to 9% in Low end Torque and Horse Power all while doubling your supply of GT/MC crankshafts?? Easy & the concept is simple. Take a standard crankshaft (T weights) and a Monte Carlo or GT crankshaft (full circle) weights crankshaft and mix the components so you end up with half T weights and half full circle weights in each of your two crankshafts. You put the full circle weight in the front of cylinder 1, front of cylinder 2, and also in the front of cylinder 3. Then use the T weights in the rear of number 1, rear of number 2, and rear of number 3 cylinders. You now have a 50/50 crankshaft. Composed of half full circle and half T weights. It’s what I call a "HYBRID" (morphodite) crank! (50/50 crank)