The New Porsche 911 with PDK - Garage419

Garage419 takes a trip to Salt Lake City to test drive the new Porsche 997 Type II with the PDK transmission. While in Utah, Emil Rensing takes the new 911 to Miller Motorsports Park to see how well the new dual clutch transmission handles track abuse. After that, David Murry takes us on a hot lap around the 4.4 mile road course to push the new 997 and PDK transmission to the limit. - Garage419

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Hamilton Wins on Last Lap, Supercars on Isle 9 - Garage419
Matt Farah and Wes Siler of Jalopnik and Hell for Leather discuss the death of the full size GM truck, the Ducati Streetfighter, the war of Marines and motorcycles, Sam's Club supercars, and Hamilton taking the F1 championship. -Garage419

2010 Lotus Elise vs. 2000 Lotus Esprit
The Smoking Tire visits the beautiful Ojai valley with two of Lotus's finest cars, the Elise and the Esprit. Matt Farah hits the canyons to find out how the quintessential 'new' Lotus compares to the well-aging Esprit V8

Cavallino Classic Ferrari Track Day in Palm Beach - Garage419
Another day, another track. Garage419 heads back down to Palm Beach this year to check out the Cavallino Classic Track Days at Palm Beach International Raceway. Watch as Matt sits down with Benny Caiola next to his track-beaten FXX to discuss his experiences with modern Italian cars and follow Matt around the track as he finds millions worth of Italian hardware. - Garage419

2010 Subaru Outback on Street and Dirt
The Smoking Tire takes the all-new Subaru Outback to the highest point we can find in hopes our customer-appreciation Balloon Launch will get some free T-shirts into the hands of our viewers.