Motordyne Engineering 350Z and G35 Plenum Spacer Installation

Step by step Motordyne plenum spacer installation for the 350Z, G35, and M35.

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Kinetix Intake Manifold Install; Making Your Butt Dyno Happy!
Hey guys, so the grey Z passed smog so we put the kinetix manifold back on with the bigger throttle body. You will need to clear the engine codes that pop up which should be c1131 and p2135. The kinetix website says 30.5 horsepower gain but i doubt it is that much. My butt Dyno can tell a difference though. If you enjoy the video, like and subscribe. Enjoy!

How a Motordyne Plenum Spacer Works/Does on a 350z/G35
Here is a simple video I decided to make since I haven't really been doing any uploading/video making lately. The video is on the Motordyne Plenum Spacer and what it does and how it works. Enjoy :)

350z/G35 Watch this before buying a PLENUM SPACER!
My thoughts on plenum spacer for the vq35 platform

How To Install Plenum Spacer on a G35, 350z 350Gt or fx35
whats up guys in todays video im installing a blox 5/8 plenum spacer. got it locally for a good deal so figured id make a little install video.