56 Chevy Quick 8 race at Dunn Benson Drag Strip

This happened at Dunn-Benson Dragstrip on April 7, 2011 ... I know it is not the best video ever.It left nice but wound up hitting the wall.

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Donna King crash @ piedmont dragway
Donna has a bad day testing at piedmont for world finals at Rockingham. Thank goodness she's ok and they'll get the car fixed soon.

Meece Digital Media - Sniper Car Wreck - Dunn-Benson Dragstrip
This is a short clip from our Dragstrip Mayhem collection. The accident was filmed at Dunn-Benson Dragstrip on May 22, 2008. The driver did sustain injuries but has made a slow recovery.

May 2012 Dunn-Benson Dragstrip
Carolina Door Wars! May 19th, 2012 - Get the full event DVD online via www.RaceWorks.com or www.DunnBensonDragstripINC.com

Jr Drag Bike
Little Al my 10 year old sons first night on the bike had to give the other boy the brake and gave him the jump at dunn-benson dragstrip