56 Chevy Quick 8 race at Dunn Benson Drag Strip

This happened at Dunn-Benson Dragstrip on April 7, 2011 ... I know it is not the best video ever.It left nice but wound up hitting the wall.

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Dunn-Benson Grudge Race Meece Digital Media May 23, 2009
This is a highlight clip of the first Grudge Race of the 2009 season held at Dunn-Benson Dragstrip located in Benson, NC. Watch as drivers such as "The Rock," Tony Bynes, Hardwood Floors and Tracy Cockman race for bragging rights. This hightlight was filmed and edited by Meece Digital Media and copies of the complete race are for sell. Feel free to contact us about this race if you have any questions at Meecedigitalmedia@yahoo.com.

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