56 Chevy Quick 8 race at Dunn Benson Drag Strip

This happened at Dunn-Benson Dragstrip on April 7, 2011 ... I know it is not the best video ever.It left nice but wound up hitting the wall.

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Donna King crash @ piedmont dragway
Donna has a bad day testing at piedmont for world finals at Rockingham. Thank goodness she's ok and they'll get the car fixed soon.

May 2012 Dunn-Benson Dragstrip
Carolina Door Wars! May 19th, 2012 - Get the full event DVD online via www.RaceWorks.com or www.DunnBensonDragstripINC.com

Meece Digital Media - Sniper Car Wreck - Dunn-Benson Dragstrip
This is a short clip from our Dragstrip Mayhem collection. The accident was filmed at Dunn-Benson Dragstrip on May 22, 2008. The driver did sustain injuries but has made a slow recovery.

The New Dunn-Benson Dragstrip Grudge Race May 31, 2008
This video was recorded (IN HD)at the New Dunn-Benson Drag stripe located in Benson, NC on May 31, 2008. For more information on this track please visit there website at www.dunnbensondragstrip.com