BMW 330Ci and Porsche 968CS at the Nürburgring

A fast lap in my BMW 330 Ci following a Porsche 968cs. It was a great pleasure on this marvelous track :)

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Following the Ring Taxi with a BMW 330 Ci
In this video, I follow the BMW M5 V10 Ring Taxi with my BMW 330 Ci. Not enough power but better brakes and handling ;) The bars indicate longitudinal and lateral G Forces. Video recorder is Chasecam PDR100 with integrated G-Force module.

E46 330 vs M3
Not perfect but a little comparison between the 231BHP 330 and the 343BHP M3 to show where the difference really is - 70 - 100MPH. Both videos were done on private circuits, don't try this on the road people!

BMW E46 330CI Schmiedmann Competition
This shows the BMW E46 330CI Schmiedmann Competition with ESS compressor in action!! See more about the build here -carbon-ESS-kompressor/index.htm All parts mounted on the BMW can be found here