'01 lincoln continental straight pipes interior sound

'01 lincoln continental straight pipes interior sound

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Lincoln Continental (V8) takeoff (intake sound)
cold weather. it cant get traction. i didnt go past 3/4 throttle

2001 Lincoln Continental with tinted windows 20% and 15%
I just got the windows tinted on the Lincoln. 20% front sides and 15% on the rear sides and back window. Has Elbrus 18" I05 wheels. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Lincoln continental dyno run 2
Made 237 @ 206degree coolant temp. FWHP. Gutted cats, ported throttle body, gutted cats,straight pipe, custom k&n 98 car with 01 c head engine still untuned.

DIRRRTY '64 Continental Airs Out!
As if a SUICIDE DOOR Continental wasn't badass enough! This Badass Lincoln showed up at Street Car Takeover HOUSTON to show off at the car show at Royal Purple Raceway and it was a show stopper! Very simple step, and very sick! This would be a badass cruiser!