TDM Hytech replica's on my JDM B16B Type R

TDM Hytech replica's on my JDM B16B Civic Type R motor in a 92 EG6 hatch, Exhaust not connected yet, so it is open header, so the ratteling noise at the end is the Exhaust and headers rattling next to each other, stock B16B

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B16B ベンチエンジン カム切り替え VTEC作動その2
カム切り替え VTEC作動その2です。前半が低速カ ムで後半が高速カムです。

B16B Type R Civic Vtec Race Car Conversion by HRC Automotive Honda Specialist
HRC Automotive, Sydneys leading Honda Specialists, Proudly take you on a tour of the development of our most recent race car. Equipped with a B16B Vtec Engine and factory LSD Gearbox, this track weapon is being developed for 0-1600cc production class racing. Stay tuned for more track footage and build slideshows! Check out our website at

JDM Honda Integra B20 VTEC BUILD!!!!! Part 29 The Journey from stock to JDM!! Must Watch!!!
FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM @jJDM.SWAG FYI THE Car only has a street tune it needs a Dyno tune that's why it doesn't sound too good I've been building this car since August 2014. Thats when i first got the car. Enjoy this video of my B20B to B20 VTEC build. Sorry for the wait everyone but the footage is finally here. Enjoy!

Swap B16B Honda Physique civic type R Merci Jo et Kevin
Swap B16B Honda Physique civic type R Quebec montreal