TDM Hytech replica's on my JDM B16B Type R

TDM Hytech replica's on my JDM B16B Civic Type R motor in a 92 EG6 hatch, Exhaust not connected yet, so it is open header, so the ratteling noise at the end is the Exhaust and headers rattling next to each other, stock B16B

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B16B ベンチエンジン カム切り替え VTEC作動その2
カム切り替え VTEC作動その2です。前半が低速カ ムで後半が高速カムです。

JDM Honda Integra B20 VTEC BUILD!!!!! Part 29 The Journey from stock to JDM!! Must Watch!!!
See what my car looks like now. This video is old!!!! Video link: I'm also doing a quality turbo build Donne sure to check it out and subscribe to the channel. Hi my name is Fred. I'm a 28 year old car enthusiast. I drive a 1994 JDM Acura/Honda Integra. Instagram Accounts Car Account @JDM.SWAG Photography & Film @FredBessPhotography Snapchat @HeyImDerf Be sure to check out a newer video because this one is old lol.

Civic B16 240hp
SDP Autosport inc. Built this engine that can go at 11,000 rpm and still working on 91 octane fuel. The bottom is almost like a stock but head work is crazy. We made new runner with the Dyno sheet you seen. Head porting is very nice as you can see but we most keep our secret thank you for looking. And please visit our web site to see what else we can do !!!

Civic B16B
0-180kph along skyway manila