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diaporama de la construction du monsterfredokart 600 cm2

voici un petit diaporama de la constrution du monster fredo kart en seine maritime pres du havre 76 construction artisanal realisé d'apres les idées piochés sur you tube et les conseilles de mon pote dit : le gros - chassi BIOREL de 125 cm2 (acheter a chartre dep 28) -moteur de honda 600 hornet de 2002 (acheter a R2c moto a petit quevilly dep 76) encore les pontons a realiser ,et apres demontage complet ,pour un sablage peinture a bientot pour de nouvelle aventure du monster fredo kart


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Kart 600 Hornet
Motokra CRG s motorem Honda CB600f 72KW/190KG

Homemade Go-Kart And Mini-Bike (GoPro & Rollover)
6.5 Hp Go-Kart and 5.5Hp Mini-Bike If you want to see some good action, take a look at our two-part "Thrills And Spills" video! *Note: The steering column was not locked into place, therefore, you will notice Dan veering off course without steering on some occasions. Also, he is 6'3" tall, (I'm 5'7") which is why he looks a bit big for the kart! If you have any questions about the Kart, please follow the link at the end of the video. If you have questions after that, then fire away! They are not for sale... unless you give me obscene amounts of money.

First Test Drive of the Go Kart
Go visit My Website ... http://tmanskarts.com/ This go kart is called the A-kart , named after my little girl (Allie) . In this video I let my little boy Cody drive it for the first time. Subscribe ... http://bit.ly/Tmans_go_karts See More Here ... http://blip.tv/tmansgokarts My other builds and Playlists... https://www.youtube.com/user/Tmansgokarts/videos?flow=grid&view=1 This kart has a 6.5 from Harbor Freight. They do not carry these any more but they do have the 212cc and they would be the same type of thing. Facebook: T-man's karts Great forum for go kart information http://www.diygokarts.com/vb/ Business and advertising : PM me or email to tman [at] tmanskarts.com Disclaimer: These videos are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Always seek professional advice and training before using any power tools. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- OUTRO/ENDING music : Distroy ( Midnight Conspiracy Remix) http://soundcloud.com/midnightconspiracy/destroy Licensed under : Creative Commons Attribution license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ INTRO music : KingKong Part 3 SampleBeat http://soundcloud.com/ibangbeatz/kingkong-part-3-samplebeat License under : Creative Commons Attribution license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ************************************************************* Visit my channel for more videos ... https://www.youtube.com/user/Tmansgokarts/featured Subscribe to receive new videos in your feed... http://bit.ly/Tmans_go_karts

Racing Mower/Go Kart is FINISHED!
NEW RACING MOTOR!!! A Big Thanks to my subscribers for making this happen! You Guys ROCK!!!! Like me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/fearlessfront

Kart 500 cc GoPro
Base de kart, suivi de l'instalation et des essais d'un moteur de moto (suzuki 500 GSE). Le tout en image.

Honda CR 500 GoKart Hillclimb.
CR500 Powerd GoKart 2nd in class and 3rd outright on the day. Andrew Gunn driving. 5-5-2013

How to build a go kart. Pt 3
This is part 3 of the go kart build. the go kart is techically completed but i will always be upgrading. enjoy! if you have any questions or comments feel free to ask

kart hornet
http://kart.hornet.600.free.fr C'est pas un kart r1 ni un kart hayabusa mais ca suffit deja bien, en vente prochainement, faites moi des offres.

construction buggy tow'd et kart cross arenero
construction buggy,buggy build

Monster Kart 172 HP
Go-Kart with 172 HP engine from a honda cbr 1000 RR motorcycle. the craziest thing Baras ever built. for more information visit http://www.motokarts.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=40

Dailymotion - Construction tgl mini monster, une vidéo de carbu26 tgl, TGL, mini, monster, remorque
tgl homemade mini monster truck

gixer kart
custom made chrome moley frame 05 gsxr 600 fuel injected power comander controled beast all parts are hand made or qrc pieces took 4 months to build will go over 120 mph will update video when new england weather gets better kart may be up for sale make an offer

Monsterkart 7 - 230 HP with NOS
News from the monsterkart! we have added a few new specials to the kart such as a Nitrous oxide system wich gives us at this moment 60 hp extra. sadly we didn´t have much time for the tests at the airfield in königsdorf and of course the track is not designed for something like this. the track is to bumpy and to short for a N2O powered kart with 230 hp. we hope to work together again with the guys from the tv motor show. a test track like the closed highway would be perfekt for the new stage of expansion of our kart. for the future it is planed to change the inejctors in bigger ones for even more N2O power. so we will see....

YZF R1 Go Kart

Monster kart creation
The almost complete monster kart creation by K&M PRODUCTION Plus jeune constructeur de kart

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