2002 Honda civic si Ep3

me and my bro in his ep3, more videos to come

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Honda Civic Si shift boot removal EP3
Shift boot removal tutorial/instructional video for EP3 Honda Civic Si owners. Great resources are available at ephatch.com and k-series.com but neither had this as detailed as I would have liked. If you want to add a Neuspeed short shifter or aluminum shift bushings, this is essential.

2002 Honda Civic Si Review EP3
I've had this car for about 10 months now and wanted to share my thoughts on it. Some things I like, some things I don't and some tangents. Enjoy! This is my first video and I'm open to criticism. Please comment with tips, stuff you didn't like, questions or other content you want to see. Thanks!

My New Car! 2002 Honda Civic Si Walkaround, Start up, Tour and Overview
The new car! As sad as it is to see the Accord go I'm really looking forward to having a legit performance car with a manual transmission.

Jennifer's 2004 Honda Civic Si x StreetLightz
Introducing the new member of the family Jennifer Villatoro and her 2004 Honda Civic Si