Fixing a dented 2 stroke pipe

96 CR125 FMF Fatty pipe got banged up again. Hopefully this will help others fix their pipes safely

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How To: 2 stoke pipe repair
In this video I'll show you how to repair your Exhaust pipe ! pressure in the pipe and heated up! leave a like ! Cheers!

2 stroke pipe repair with water

How to remove a dent in a 2 stroke front pipe
How blow out a dent in a 2 stroke front pipe

How To Clean A 2 Stroke Pipe
UK Autosol Metal Polish - USA Autosol Metal Polish - This is how to clean a 2 stroke pipe with autosol metal polish & some elbow grease ! This is how I usually polish my 2 stroke pipe up to get it gleaming again, you will be surprised how good you can get your pipe to look after a good polish. Don't forget to give this video a THUMB'S UP & SHARE with your mates. Thanks ! Link to cleaning Dirt Bike Air Filter - For more DirtBike how to videos - Subscribe to MX#133 - Tags: How to clean a 2 stroke pipe - metal polish - aluminum polish - brass polish - autosol - pipe maintenance - two stroke pipe - 2 stroke pipe - pro circuit pipe - dep pipe - fmf pipe - bills pipe - MX#133