How to make a Cowl Induction Style Hood for your model car..wmv

Shout Out to All My Homies, Subscriber, Builders, & Friends,, let's make this Channel,, I'm just calling it the Youtube Model Builders Channel because that's what it is. NOW LET'S TAKE BACK OUR HOUSE & GET OUR GUYS BACK!! AND MAKE SOME SICK, KRAZY, WICKED, AWESOME, MOST WILDEST MODELS EVER SEEN BEFORE!!! PEACE!!!

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How to make a hood scoop for a model car: Molding & Casting Tutorial - Alumilite
This instructional video reviews the process for making a two-part silicone mold and casting urethane parts using a piece from a model car. Alumilite products used in this video include: Synthetic Modeling Clay, Quick Set 2 Silicone Rubber, RC-3 Casting Resin. Additional product information can be found at or by calling 1-800-447-9344 How to mold a hood scoop for a model car. How to mold a hoodscoop. How to mold a hood scoop. Hobbies & Crafts - Mold making and casting. Molding & Casting Tutorial.

How To Vid - Roll Cage
A quick how to vid on building roll cages for your model cars.

My Entry for Fastjimmy71 & CTspeedshops's Contest, 53 Gasser!
Whassupp Homies!! Happy Halloween!! Hope all ur little ghosts & gobblins had fun tonight! Here is my project. It took 36 straight hrs to build,, many cups of coffee, and a few pain killers but, here it is!! I hope you guys like it!! To all the MCF,, you are all winers in my book. Every entry I've seen is a winner!! You all got some sick & crazy skilz!!! Keep On Being Creative! Thanks to Fastjimmy71 & to CTspeedshop for having this awesome and challenging contest! Peace!!! Freddy

2 part silicone mould of a model car
In this video Aldax Moulds demonstrates how to make a 2 piece squash mould to reproduce a model car body. We then use Aldax Craftcast resin to create a casting of the car body.