How to make a Cowl Induction Style Hood for your model car..wmv

Shout Out to All My Homies, Subscriber, Builders, & Friends,, let's make this Channel,, I'm just calling it the Youtube Model Builders Channel because that's what it is. NOW LET'S TAKE BACK OUR HOUSE & GET OUR GUYS BACK!! AND MAKE SOME SICK, KRAZY, WICKED, AWESOME, MOST WILDEST MODELS EVER SEEN BEFORE!!! PEACE!!!

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My Entry for Fastjimmy71 & CTspeedshops's Contest, 53 Gasser!
Whassupp Homies!! Happy Halloween!! Hope all ur little ghosts & gobblins had fun tonight! Here is my project. It took 36 straight hrs to build,, many cups of coffee, and a few pain killers but, here it is!! I hope you guys like it!! To all the MCF,, you are all winers in my book. Every entry I've seen is a winner!! You all got some sick & crazy skilz!!! Keep On Being Creative! Thanks to Fastjimmy71 & to CTspeedshop for having this awesome and challenging contest! Peace!!! Freddy

How To Vid - Roll Cage
A quick how to vid on building roll cages for your model cars.

To the MCF Rotten Apples!!.wmv
"Happy New Year"???? What the HELL happened since 2009?? Anarchy at it's best??? We're suppose to be about showin' & talkin' models!! All this is BEYOND CRAZY!! I'm here to show & tell about my models and to comment on yours, so all the ROTTEN APPLES need to take their stench & fungus, and move on to greener pastures!! There's a ton of GREAT MODEL BUILDERS that don't need or care about personal issues, we all have'em! But, to go out and start letting these ROTTEN APPLES ruin an AWESOME PLACE to show & tell MODELS, well I finally had to put my 1 1/2 cents in. No disrespect to anyone, but,, if u ain't got nothing good to say about the people here, or start ASSUMING who we are by who we talk to is not what building models is about. I lived the streetgang life for many years and all I learned from that era was what kind of idiot I use to be. Don't bring that dirt in here, let the ROTTEN APPLES, eventually, decay and let's get back to building some COOL & KRAZY MODELS!!!! PEACE!!!!

How To: Cut Open Doors On Your Plastic Model Kit
Here it is, good or bad. Hopefully you will get some tips and tricks from my video and have some basic steps to cutting open your doors! (A small C clamp may hold down your model better.)