How to repair a blend door actuator like a goddamned talentless hack

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Blend Door? Or ... ?
Here is a video to help solve a real problem: The Heating and A/C controls would not work. The air would only come out the Defrost Vent. Here is the simple solution I found to solve this problem for free. Normally for such a problem as this, you would change the Blend Door Actuator module, however as you will see, you can first check your dash switches to see that they are plugged in. Here is how you do it ...

Fix Heat Door Actuator.
This will work on most cars.

Blazer Jimmy Blend door actuator replacement HVAC
Replace actuator without removing the whole dash. Fairly simple for the novice mechanic. 484.html

GM Blend Door Actuator Repair (Saturn, Chevy, GMC, Buick, Pontiac, etc)
I sell the gears needed to fix your blend door actuator! Ebay link found below! This video details the repair of the electronic blend door actuator found in Saturn S-Series vehicles (GM part # 16124567). The procedure is the same for most GM blend door actuators from 1990-2013 (found in many vehicles made by Chevy, GMC, Buick, Pontiac, Cadillac, etc). The large gear fails, causing failure of the actuator. The actuator is used to change the temperature, position(floor, vents,defrost) or whether the cabin air is recirculated of drawn in from outside. Cracked gears are very common and most likely the cause of your blend door actuator failure. For more information on repairing the actuator, including zeroing the potentiometer, follow this link: ctuator-problems-t67473.html I sell the replacement gears at this link location: M-vehicles-from-1990-2013-/171384359235?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessori es&fits=Make%3ASaturn&hash=item27e74dc943&vxp=mtr BEFORE DISASSEMBLING: Look for a blue gear that meshes with the large gear. If your actuator has this, care must be required when removing components. Note or mark the position of the actuator shaft in relation to the blue gear and be sure it gets assembled in the same orientation. This should prevent actuator hunting when installed in the vehicle.