Drag Racing the C6 Corvette

My first 1/4 mile Drag Race at Union Grove WI with the 2009 Hot Rod Power Tour. My buddy Dan was my co pilot. The Big Block Camaro red lighted so I won the race. The car was running on 87 octane because that's all that was available because the Hot Rod Power Tour ran the gas station out of premium. Enjoy the video!

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Kristen's Drag Race C6 Corvette vs 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 2011 Camaro SS at TMS
We took the Corvette to the Drag Races... She's hot, and fast! This is an 1/8 mile run.

C6 vs C5 Corvette - 1/4 mile
Houston Performance Driving - Northside vs Southside, Houston, TX - November 20, 2010. HPD drag race event at Lonestar Motorsports Park in Sealy. 2 of the Corvettes from the race, one C5 and one C6. Check out http://www.hightechcorvette.com Follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/hightech.corvette

2006 Corvette C6 1/4 mile run

Corvette C5 Z06 vs. C6 Drag Race
A race between friends. The in-car perspective is from my C5 Z06 Commemorative Edition Corvette. On the other side of the tree is my good friend Cliff's black C6 Corvette. Featuring Danny as my unofficial groove positioner! Result was a 12.7xx for me against Cliff's 12.9xx. This was repeated 3 times with approximately the same results. This was our first time racing our Corvettes.