Drag Racing the C6 Corvette

My first 1/4 mile Drag Race at Union Grove WI with the 2009 Hot Rod Power Tour. My buddy Dan was my co pilot. The Big Block Camaro red lighted so I won the race. The car was running on 87 octane because that's all that was available because the Hot Rod Power Tour ran the gas station out of premium. Enjoy the video!

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BITX20 Ham Radio Transceiver kit
BITX20 20 meter transceiver project completed in early 2009. This was a kit that I built during the winter of 2009. It has a very smooth sounding receive and gets good reports on transmit. Everything worked the first time except the digital display, I had a SMD slightly misaligned. Amateur Radio

Dougs corvette C6
This is "Nemesis" my C6 Corvette. I hope you enjoy the video!

JH1OGC Japan on 75 meters Amateur Radio
Working Tokyo Japan JH1OGC on 75 meters SSB. Receive antenna is a 210 foot terminated snake with AMECO preamp and a fan dipole for 160, 80, 40 meters. Amateur Radio

FLAMING Corvette From HELL!
Badass Procharger Supercharged C6 Corvette on the streets of Florida during FL2K this summer, this thing sounds NASTY! Even with the heavy soft top the car still moves out!