Stage 3 srt-4 in HOM 3rd - 5th gear

I estimate this was 165mph. (6100rpm x 24.5" tire) / ( .76 top gear x 3.53 final drive ratio x 336 constant) = 165.97 mph, If I were to stay in it until my 6500 rev limiter it would come out to 178 - 181 mph which has been obtained. The couple time I let off were to go around curves

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2003 Srt 4 stage 3 (450hp)
AGP built and tuned stage 3 on pump gas stock turbo at 17 lbs Boost with Greddy type RZ BOV Mopar Catback 3" needswings cutout i also left out alot of work done to it 15k went into the car in the last 3 years.

Stage 3 SRT-4
Stage 3 + Bolt-ons

First run stage 3 srt-4 dodge neon
First spin on built stage 3 neons SRT-4 30psi Boost

Srt4 stage 3 vs corvette z06
First time out on Dr still spinning no traction 1or 2 gear 2.2 60' 13.0@113 zo6 ran 13.5 same 60'