Mercedes CLK55 AMG Supercharged Dyno Run Loud!! Dyno run to see the improvement on a work in progress the car is at stage 4 kleemann with eisenmann Exhaust special thanks t the guys at funktionauto

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C32 AMG, Mustang Dyno pull in 3rd
Warm day in MS and the Dyno was not wanting to cooperate. Best run was 342/337 with no AF reading, which I needed. Car is running rich and has a lot of room for improvement on the tune. Mods are - LET 185 pulley, LET tune, VRP super-super-super short shorty headers, C3P heat exchanger, CM30 pump, C3P intake, green filters, cooler plugs, wires, TVT T-stat, and a few small decals for an a few xtra hp. ;-)

Clk55 AMG with straight pipe
My Clk55 with a muffler delete and straight piped.

Mercedes CLK 500 AMG Exhaust
Exhaust Sound of a CLK 500

clk55 vs M3
clk55 vs m3 on mountain road