Skunk2 How To: What's in Your Bottom End

Follow along as Skunk2 walks you through a complete engine build. It all starts with understanding what exactly is inside of your engine block. Watch and learn.

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What Is A Poor Mans Type R Engine?
This is the go-to video if you have no idea what a poor mans type r is and want to know what it is all about! Instagram: Mitonfilms Cheap/Reliable/Fast (You can only choose two)

Skunk2 How-To: Engine Block Prep.
Starting an engine build on a good note is key. Watch the video for tips on how to properly disassemble your bottom end and prepare it for a rebuild.

Continuing the tear down and build up the B20/vtec for the integra. for shirts : How to prep vtec head :

How It's Made High Performance Engines
How It's Made High Performance Engines