Skunk2 How To: What's in Your Bottom End

Follow along as Skunk2 walks you through a complete engine build. It all starts with understanding what exactly is inside of your engine block. Watch and learn.

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Skunk2 How-To: Engine Block Prep.
Starting an engine build on a good note is key. Watch the video for tips on how to properly disassemble your bottom end and prepare it for a rebuild.

How It's Made High Performance Engines
How It's Made High Performance Engines

Skunk2 Intake Manifold & Throttle Body - How To Install - B20/B18 Civic EF
In this video I am removing the OEM intake manifold & throttle body off of my 1990 Civic DX hatchback and replacing them with the Skunk2 Alpha Series Intake Manifold and Throttle Body. The car has been converted from DPFI to MPFI already and has a JDM B20B swap running OBD0 using the 90-93 Integra components. This will be a complete walk-through on how to install the parts onto the engine. Help Support my channel, purchase decals here - Send me stuff here! Jon Widmer PO Box 13594 El Paso, TX 79913 Thanks for watching!

Continuing the tear down and build up the B20/vtec for the integra. for shirts : How to prep vtec head :