12 sec ford festiva bp-t

ford festiva with a bp-t and a g25mr running 12 sec 1/4 mile passes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1990 Ford Festiva Turbo
This is a compilation of drag racing footage of my old 1990 Festiva, in which I had swapped a 155whp Mazda 1.6L "B6T" engine out of an '88 Mazda 323GT. This car was the second known B6T powered Festiva in Canada back in 2002 when it was finished. It ran a best E/T of 13.3 and a best trap speed of 106mph with the lightly modded engine.

Chasing a stupid fast Festiva
Chasing Charlie's Festiva at Inde Motorsports Ranch

Turbo Ford Festiva beating a mustang rouch,Srt4 ne

festiva turbo 3 inch exhaust BPT
my festiva runing again after sitting about a year with no motor in it... its a mazda BP engine with a turbonetics t3/to4e 57 trim turbo, 2.5 inch down pipe with 3 inch DP back, no cat or any mufflers, only a resonator... its running on a haltech E6X ecu (still needs tuning...)