1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST 4G63 Turbo walk around

This is my bone stock eclipse. one of the rims flew off while driving it and was considered a total loose

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1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse before/after wreck
10/10/10 is the death of this car. Was a nice car I owned.... Well.. all I can say is people "Wear Your Seat Belts" and most importantly "DO NOT SPEED!" Because this happens believe it or not... It happened to me. 100 mph like an idiot. I have learned my lesson. Haven't broke the speed limit since this happened to me. And I don't intend to

Mitsubishi Eclipse GST Sao Paulo - Brazil, with many upgrades. This is a completely customized car in BRAZIL, 336HP engine, pressure 0.9, BREMBO brakes, wheels 20, body kit, special paint and various other items. This car is one of the finest examples produced in BRAZIL and many years of work.

Eclipse Tuning 2G DSM Show and Street Car Pittsburgh Project DSM
my 2g show car. Enjoy! no hating please! 500hp 6 bolt motor swap

My 2.3 Eclipse GST Turbo Build!
My first car when I turned 16. Almost completely stock when I got it. Finished it up at the age of 22 while I worked full time and went to College. I hope everyone enjoys my hard work. NEW Dyno WATCH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceS4YUer6tw NEW HEAD BUILD VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obJrhCnqr80&feature=youtu.be