toyota corolla KP30 13B turbo ROTARY PROJECT

13b turbo summer project by kamikaze garage

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Corolla Rotary KamiKaZe GaraGe
toyota corolla kp30 1976' swap rotary turbo engine from mazda rx7 FC turboII from kamikaze garage Belgium vidéo by bob

Toyota KP 30 Rotary Mosterd
summer project,Toyota 1976' tuned by Kamikaze Garage a short video of my favorite toy lol see ya on the road

Corolla DX Rotary
Toyota Corolla KE70 DX Sedan powered by a 12A Bridgeported Engine in New Zealand (The filming was shot just before the car was unfortunately written off when it was hit by a Truck in the South Island City, Christchurch, New Zealand) Pure engine sounds including cold start, Idle and revs. A true kiwi classic car, the old DX with it's timeless boxy shape, rear wheel drive layout a good platform for a fun car with a low kerb weight.

My friends KP30 with bike carbed 5K, hot cam and lightened flywheel He barely can sit in it.