street race(grand national vs dodge viper)

Grand national vs viper...who's win?

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GN vs Viper

Westheimer street racing grand national turbo vs stock redline
grand national turbo vs stock redline

Chicago Street Racing
Pontiac Trans Am.......FAST!!! Cops broke up the party so the camera man panicked!!!!!!!!!!..........To be continued in Ghost Town. Street racing at it's finest.

Sexy Maria and JoJo ride in 700HP Viper!
This time we decided to take two girls for a ride in the infamous pumpkin SRT Viper. Needless to say they absolutely loved the viper! Maria also rode in another fan favorite, 700+HP GTR but she still liked the Viper the best. Check out these girls on Instagram! Maria Doroshina @Doroshina and Johanna @jojomacedo_