s10 with comp 270 cam, head work, and a marine intake with cobra 39# injectors.

my 97 s10 4.3 with the comp 270ahr, a new set of heads, the marine intake w/39# cobra injectors and a ton more... lol.

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s10 big cam exhaust
chevy s10 with cam and Exhaust FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

roller 4.3L luv 1st start
starting the roller 4.3l for the first time. 1974 chevy luv with a 1988 roller 4.3l. edelbrock carb, cam, and intake. s10 headers, monza 5 speed trans.

Supercharged S10 Xtreme 4.3l
This is my wynjammer supercharged s10 4.3l v6. It has flowmaster super 40 Exhaust with tsw indy 500 rims.

Chevy 4x4 V8 350 with a COMP CAM XTREME ENERGY CAM
Cam specs in exh ADV DUR: 274. 286 DUR @ .050: 230. 236 LOBE SEP; 110.0 VALVE LIFT:. 490 490 i will Be doning a new video on chevy so you can see what i did to it