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iPad Avalanche SUV Truck install

iPad connected to Alpine headunit providing video and sound via Aux In through iPod video connection kit


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Upgraded factory HU with an Alpine iDA-X305S and IPAD 3G

iPad in car
Fishman finishes his ipad install

iPad installed in Chevy Silverado
I fiberglassed an iPad into my dash with a linear actuator to motorize the unit. I used a Kenwood headunit for volune and equalizer, USB, and Bluetooth. The iPad is jailbroken and the applications shown are Pandora, SlingPlayer, Beatmaker, and Soundhound.

iPad in 08 Avalanche
Custom dash iPad installation on a 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche.

Custom iPad install BY BEST BUY INSTALLER into Silverado inspired by Soundman
Custom iPad install into my 2005 Silverado. I HAVE TO ADD IN, THAT I AM A CAR AUDIO INSTALLER FOR BEST BUY. I HAD TO ADD THIS IN BECAUSE BEST BUY INSTALLERS DON'T HAVE THE BEST REPUTATION FOR BEING GREAT INSTALLERS. I WANTED TO HELP CHANGE THE IMAGE OF BEST BUY INSTALLERS. WE HAVE THE BEST TRAINING OUT THERE, REQUIRED TO BE MECP CERTIFIED. COME DOWN TO YOUR LOCAL BEST BUY TO GET SOME GREAT PRODUCT INSTALLED IN YOUR RIDE!! Dash Painted to match exterior of truck. Relocated A/C controls. iPad bracket moves in both directions. DEH-6200BT pioneer radio under the passenger seat. Factory chimes and steering wheel controls still working. Any questions, shoot me an email. Armofgold85@aol.com

Padholdr.com ipad installed in car instructions
ipad car ipad installed in car ipad car install ipad holder for car ipad car holder

COMPLETED!! iPad Install BY BEST BUY INSTALLER in 2005 Chevy Silverado inspired by Soundman
I HAVE TO ADD IN, THAT I AM A CAR AUDIO INSTALLER FOR BEST BUY. I HAD TO ADD THIS IN BECAUSE BEST BUY INSTALLERS DON'T HAVE THE BEST REPUTATION FOR BEING GREAT INSTALLERS. I WANTED TO HELP CHANGE THE IMAGE OF BEST BUY INSTALLERS. WE HAVE THE BEST TRAINING OUT THERE, REQUIRED TO BE MECP CERTIFIED. COME DOWN TO YOUR LOCAL BEST BUY TO GET SOME GREAT PRODUCT INSTALLED IN YOUR RIDE!! Custom iPad install into my 2005 Silverado 1. Made a template out of masking tape 2. Made a filler plate out of 1/8 MDF 3. Used quick drying epoxy to glue the board down 4. Screwed the board in TEMPORARILY with screws and speed clips(Until the glue dries) 5.Removed the screwed 6. Fiberglassed the board smooth with resin and mat 7. Traced out a pattern of the iPad on the MDF and cut it into 3 pieces to get the contour of the iPad. I used quick drying super glue to temporarily hold the shape. BE SURE TO PROTECT THE iPAD SO YOU DON'T GLUE THE BOARD TO THE iPAD!! 8. Once you get the basic shape, you can now use resin and matt to fiberglass the boards together for a hard shape. 9. Now you can cut a notch out for the docking station. 10. I used epoxy to hold the dock station in place. (left the iPad in the housing to get the perfect angle on the docking station) 11.Cut out side pieces and glued them in with super glue 12. Cut out 4 pieces on MDF to create the front panel, and glued it in. 13. Once all the panels are temporarily glued in, you can now fiberglass all the panels together to make a very strong mold/case for your iPad. 14. Cut out a notch for the HOME button. take your time!! this can make or break the look of this project. After the final painting of this housing, i will be adding a suede backing, to protect the iPad from scratches 15. I modified a 13" TV bracket so my iPad an swivel in both directions for easy removal and tilting to the passenger. 16. I created a housing for the bracket and iPad housing. i left the edges a little longer, so i can grind it flush. 17. After a lot of carful measuring, i cut out a section from my dash bezel, so i can fiberglass that housing into the dash bezel. 18. I cut notches out of the housing, so i can use them as a guide to line up the housing perfect. I used hot glue to to temporarily hold the housing in place until i fiberglass it in. (i used hot glue because this takes a lot of adjusting) 19. Sanded the edged flush and fiberglassed the edges in. (Front and Back) IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, THE BACK PANEL OF THE HOUSING IS MADE OUT OF 1/2 MDF TO SUPPORT THE BRACKET AND iPADS WEIGHT. AS FAR AS INSTALLING IT IN MY TRUCK. THIS IS WHAT I DID.... 1. I HAVE DECIDED TO MAKE THIS INSTALL SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO A LOT OF CUTTING OF THE FACTORY DASH. THE HOUSING FOR THE STOCK RADIO AND THE A/C CONTROLS CAN BE COMPLETELY UNBOLDED (EXCEPT FOR 2 RIVETS) I DO THIS, SO YOU CAN ALWAYS PUT IT BACK TO STOCK IF YOU EVER WANNA SELL UR TRUCK 2. OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE TO RELOCATE THE CLIMATE CONTROLS, I DECIDED TO RELOCATE THEM TO THE OVERHEAD CONSEL (WHERE FACTORY REAR CLIMATE CONTROLS WOULD BE ON A TAHOE. 3. YOU MUST NOW REMOVE AND PLUG OFF THE A/C VENT. 4. THE ONLY PART YOU SHOULD HAVE TO CUT OUT, IS THE TABS THAT THE POCKET (BELOW THE VENT) IS CLIPPED TO. SAVE WUT YOU CUT OFF BECAUSE IT CAN ALWAYS BE GLUDED BACK ON!! 5. I NOW WILL HARDWIRE A CIGARETTE SOCKET BEHIND DASH TO GIVE CHARGING TO MY IPAD. AND I USED A 3.5MM JACK TO RCA OUT TO GIVE ME AUDIO TO MY RADIO. 6. I USED A PIONEER DEH-6200BT RADIO, AND USED THE I.P BUS INPUT SO GET AUDIO TO MY SPEAKERS, FROM MY iPad. I USED THIS RADIO INSTEAD OF AN EQUILIZER BECAUSE IT HAS BUILT IN BLUETOOTH AND HAS AN AUDIO INPUT. AND I AM MOUNTING IT UNDER MY PASSENGER SEAT BECAUSE I HAVE STEERING WHEEL CONTROLS, WHICH WILL ALLOW ME TO CONROL THE VOLUME AND AND ANSWER/END MY PHONE CALLS. SO THERE IS REALLY NO NEED FOR MY TO HAVE THE RADIO VISIBLE. 7. I MADE SURE TO USE A SCOSHE DOOR CHIME MODULE SO IT KEEPS A HEALTHY COMPUTER CONTROLS AND KEEPS ALL MY FACTORY WARNING CHIMES. OF COARSE I HAVE TO EXDEND ALL THE WIRES TO UNDER THE SEAT. THE A/C CONTROLS TOOK A LOT MORE BODY WORK THAN I EXPECTED. I USED 1/8 MDF TO FABRICATE A HOUSING, AND I CUT THE HELL OUT OF THE OVERHEAD CONSOLE. USED A LOT OF FIBERGLASS AND BONDO TO CREATED GIVE IT AN OEM LOOK. AS FAR AS THE PAINT, I WAS GONNA HAVE A BUDDY PAINT IT FROM HIS SHOP, BUT I GOT A LIL IMPATIENT, SO I DECIDED TO GIVE THE DUPLI COLOR RATTLE CAN PAINT A TRY. I PICKED A FEW CANS OF PAINT AND CLEAR UP AT MY LOCAL PEP BOYS FOR ABOUT 6$ A CAN. AND I WAS SURPRISED HOW GREAT IT LOOKED. IT LOOKED JUST AS GOOD AS ANY PAINT JOB I HAVE SEEN FROM A PAINT SHOP.

ipad in car

iPad install in new body Tahoe...
64GB/3G...Need to go in for a few touch ups..

ipad install
ipad install in a 2004 dodge ram done by Erich out at Elite Car Audio. Like us on Facebook!

iPad on Chevy Tahoe 2007
We install the iPad on the Tahoe 2007, wit the alpine unit!

Custom In Car IPad Install In A Full Custom Truck

07 Chevy avalanche with ipad and xm skydock
Ipad in car charging problem solved? I installed the xm skydock with a dock extension cable hard wired the lighter, used the 1/8 to rca adaptor for the audio signal installed the antenna for xm skydock and bam it all works charges just like a home charger. usb audio signal out and xm to boot 75.00 for skydock 25 bucks for cable jive dock extension cable dont use the 7.00 one on amazon it doesnt have all the pins. evidentally the skydock pulls its power from the ipad and the cheap cable is missing those wires.

We integrated the iPad 3G in a Yukon , we can watch YouTube videos , netfix movied and iPod movies. This is the greatest thing ever because we also can charge the unit as we watch a movie . Hope you guys come by and see us .

Motorized iPad 2 Install in Silverado
I decided to modify my iPad install to house an iPad 2. In order to accomplish this, I had to cut the air vent, move the AC controls down and fabricate a pod to house the AC controls and Kenwood headunit. I used a linear actuator to motorize the unit. The headunit has Bluetooth and USB input for hands-free calling and music when I don't have the iPad in the truck.

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